Who is GO Salzburg? Good Question! We are an association of people who love Jesus and want to demonstrate and replicate his heart for those who need help. Specifically, we want to offer whatever we can to serve and love the young people of Salzburg. What was started by a small group of concerned parents is now a diverse network of people, young and old, coming from different backgrounds and countries, ready to reach out for the sake of the one.

One way we are responding to the needs of Salzburg’s youth is by offering practical help in the form of “Street Buddies.”  This service provides assistance on the Rudolfskai, a local pub and bar district. Volunteers go out every weekend, prepared with water bottles, first aid materials, flip flops to replace broken shoes, and a smile. They are ready to clean up the sick, be a listening ear, call the emergency services in cases of trouble, or simply share some sweets and good conversation with the young folks there.

Another project of GO Salzburg is the creation of our “Global Café.” It will be a welcoming and relaxing place for young people to enjoy. This concept is still in development, and we’re looking for the perfect location! We want to make a place where amazing live music is a staple, good drinks and treats are relished, and great friendships are made.


Through donations
This project is funded entirely by donations.


From Austria:

GO Salzburg, NPO for the support and well-being of young people
Bank Austria
Account no.: 51534 057 543
BLZ: 12000
IBAN: AT11 1200 0515 3405 7543

From Germany:

Treffpunkt Neues Leben e.V.
Castell’sche Bank Würzburg

Password: “GO Salzburg”
Account no.: 11001522
BLZ: 79030001
IBAN: DE77790300010011001522

As a Volunteer

Want to experience some adrenaline? Want to see lives changed, including your own? Want to fall in love with the Kai?  What are you doing Saturday night? Come join us on Rudolfskai! Let us know if you’d like to come along for a night and see what it’s like!


  • 18 years and older
  • Participate in ongoing Street Buddies training and meetings (once every other month)
  • Work on the street at least once a month (Friday or Saturday from 23:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.)
  • All volunteers will be equipped with  uniforms labeled “Street Buddies.”  The uniform is for Street Buddies only while on duty.

Become a member
Through your membership and your prayer you can support this project even more.